Kindergarden close to Mobola Island Lodge

Kindergarden Support

Since the establishment of Mobola Island Lodge we have been supporting local projects in the neighboring village with a certain percentage of our Lodge's income with the aim to enhance the development of the village. Currently we are focusing on the Kindergarden of the village, in order to give the smallest of the small a better perspective.

End of 2021 we started building the Kindergarden building so that the young, motivated kids are able to learn protected from the sun and other weather conditions. Before that the kids were sitting under a tree, exposed to sometimes adverse weather conditions. The learning atmosphere within the class room has improved drastically.

For obvious reasons the second step was to build a toilet. We also put up a swing so that the kids can be physically active during their break time.

Further investments into the interior development, teaching materials und surrounds of the Kindergarden are planned. We will keep you posted.