Khwe Living Museum

Traditional culture

Close to Mobola Island Lodge there is a traditional Kavango village and the interesting Khwe Living Museum.

Khwe Living Museum

Since 2021 there has been a Khwe Living Museum near Buffalo Park, a visit is highly recommended.

The Khwe Living Museum offers a fascinating impression of the ancient hunter-gatherer culture of the San. The museum village consists of a few traditional grass huts around which the original way of life and pre-colonial culture of the Khwe is illustrated. Visitors experience traditional dances, gain insight into the ancestral world and see, smell and feel the historical life of the Khwe. It is very important to them that the old hunter-gatherer culture is presented exactly as it used to be and as authentically as possible.

Traditional village

For guests who want to learn about the traditional culture of the Okavango people we offer tours to a nearby traditional village. These cultural tours are interesting and support the villagers.