Mahango National Park

Safaris and excursions

You have the possibilty to do self-drive excursions to nearby game parks, for example the Mahango National Park (40 km) or the Buffalo Game Park (40 km). These parks are home to numerous rare antilopes as well as elephants, crocodiles, giraffes, buffalos and more than 400 different bird species.

The Okavango river system and its close-by game parks are home to numerous wild animals. The whole region is a fantastic area for game observation.

Buffalo Park (Bufallo Core Area)

The Buffalo Core Area is a good insider tip with absolutely amazing game viewing possibilities. Coming from Divundu, ten kilometres after the Okavango Bridge of the Trans Caprivi Highway you will find a sign “Buffalo” to the right.

Buffalo Park

Mahango National Park

Mahango Wildlife Park (the official name is Mahango Core Area) is situated on the west side of the Okavango River close to the Popa Falls. The park is small but very easy to drive on with a normal car. Large herds of elephant and buffalo can be seen.

Mahango Park