Mobola Islanbd Lodge - Fishing Paradise

Okavango Fishing Trips and Day trips

A fishing trip with Mobola Island Lodge is always a great experience whether or not you are an experienced angler. Please be aware that at Mobola Island Lodge we stricly do catch-and-release fishing.

Catch & Release

Adventure Fishing/Birding Trip (Day tour)

Join us on a full day river adventure cruise on which we explore 70 km of the beautiful Okavango River landscape. Flying jewels like colorful sunbirds, fly catchers and king fishers represent only a fraction of the bird species found in the area.

The ones less keen on the birds, can try their luck catching cunning tiger fish - a challenge for every fisher man. Enjoy the sight of hippos and crocodiles from the safety of the boat and encounter the local people as they follow their daily routine along the river - idyllic African scenery at its best.

On our way down-river we will stop for a refreshing drink and a light picnic lunch or a relaxing barbeque - the choice is yours.

This tour can be booked as an exclusive fishing trip or an bird watching tour.